The Five Senses of Efficient Digital Marketing

The Five Senses of Efficient Digital Marketing

The digital world has established its presence through the years when it comes to marketing and advertising. A report from We Are Social and Hootsuite, reveals that more than half of the world’s population now uses the internet. Several Marketing strategies have passed and the use of Digital Media has also grown.

So, how do you market your products as effectively as possible? Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are social media avenues that have now become popular to many individuals in introducing products and services. Fast and convenient for consumers to look at, this marketing strategy, blogging and several websites have also become ways for businesses to reach out to customers and make ordering and “window shopping” very convenient.
No matter how efficient these may be, you still need to invest time and effort in building a blog or making customers know that you’re in businesses. Some companies and small business owners may not have the time because of the workload and the focus on running the business. So, how do you make these digital assets possible? Let the five senses help you in managing these new and fast paced strategies.

“Taste” your time

You are the forefront and leader of your website and social media accounts, of course, your company’s image will always be important to you. Taking the time to plan out what you’ll be posting for the day and setting specific goals help. If your ideas are all over the place, the tendency for you is that the content and posts may tend to be all over the place too. With specific goal setting, you are able to point out what major topic you can talk about and the rest will follow.
Being organised can be a great tool in managing your websites and blog. Keeping an idea notebook may also come in handy. You can also make use of Social Media software to help you in scheduling your own posts like Everypost, Buffer, Socialoomph, Hootsuite and Sproutsocial. These are sites and applications that let you see an overview of all your social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube – tracking your post interactions, scheduling new content each day and publishing content.

“Hear” Others Out

On your blog, you may also want to invite guest bloggers to share new ideas to your readers and followers. This helps them refresh your sites with new ideas while their own subscribers and readers be interested in your blog as well. This may help you connect to a whole community of writers and bloggers that appreciate your collaboration and in return gain you more followers and potential customers.

“See” the Potential of Outsourcing

All these may be a good idea, but with the workload that you have, or the business to run, you may have no time in creating digital marketing content, let alone maintaining it. There’s one secret weapon that you can use, a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants or VAs are skilled individuals that can sky rocket your brand and let the company be known.

With the right VA, Blogs, social media websites and webpages can now be updated every day and keep your digital strategies up to date. You can collaborate with your own VA in coming up with fresh ideas, letting them know what you want, in the direction where you want your company to head to. They can also suggest ideas and content that you can use on your website or blogs. The more quality content that they help you put out there, the more chances of you being on top of the search engines when typing in a certain keyword.
With your direction, Virtual Assistants can help you with Social Media as well to create unique blog posts, come up with creative posts for your Facebook pages, research and link relevant articles for Twitter, and design photos and images for Instagram. They can also be of help in scheduling what to post for the day – saving you time to face other business.

Getting in “touch” with Customers

Aside from the content and maintenance, VAs can help you build rapport and communicate with your customers and potential buyers. Not only will feedback and comments show that your blog/ site or accounts are credible, because there is interaction. It will show that you value your clients and customers even when you’re interacting digitally. The more they see that their questions and comments are being attended to, the more they trust the brand and services. It shows that they matter to you and VAs can also help you with that. With hundreds of customer questions or fans’ comments being posted each day, VAs can help you strengthen relationships and better, add new connection with your potential clients. You can also have your Virtual Assistants help you in forwarding and emailing your loyal customers the newest promos and discounts, adding a more personal touch in these interactions.

“Smell” the Success

These digital strategies not only give you an extra advantage for the business but can also help you grow your connections and help others. Sure, it takes time and effort to achieve your goals but in return you get to learn from other people’s ideas and suggestions, and strengthen your relationships with customers. Through proper time management and delegation of work, you are on your way to smell sweet, sweet success.