The difficulties of delegation

The difficulties of delegation

Most people who are new to using a Virtual Assistant experience some difficulties when it comes to delegating work for the first time. You may be thinking ‘what tasks should I delegate?’ or ‘they won’t do it as well as me’. Or you may even be worried about the time taken to explain tasks and train your new VA. This is normal but you should try and focus on the benefits of hiring a Virtual PA.

The first step is to take note of all the tasks that you complete in your line of business, over a 2 week period. Preferably, you would do this before selecting a VA and make sure to take note of absolutely everything!

Carefully consider the following points as these will help you decide what to delegate:

– Are there any tasks that do not generate income but are very time-consuming? You may like to delegate some of these to free up your time for business growth.

– Are there any tasks that you do not like doing? If so, think about the cost implications. If your Virtual Assistant can complete a task for £25 that you would charge £50 for, then maybe consider this a task that could be delegated.

– Is there anything that you think may generate income for your business, but you have no knowledge about it? These could be things to delegate to your new Virtual Assistant. You could ask potential VAs if they can do these things and it may help you source the perfect assistant.

The most worrying thing can be not knowing how your Virtual Assistant is coping with your tasks. Always let them know that they can contact you with questions and make sure you fully explain your business and vision.

If you are still concerned, start small. Delegate tasks one at a time and you will gradually see how easy it is and how beneficial it is for your business.