The benefits of a distributed workforce

The benefits of a distributed workforce

Here at JH Virtual Assistant, we are completely immersed in working remotely and yet still feel connected with all our clients and colleagues. Many of the clients we work for are operating using a distributed workforce model for their companies, rather than the traditional office environment. With technology like Zoho and Dropbox and the ability to share files, video conference and access company databases online, it’s easy to see how working remotely works well for some companies. Here’s some of the reasons why companies are ditching the office and moving towards a virtual environment.

1. Better commnunication

Of course, online chat systems do not give the same quality of communication as face-to-face discussions. However, there are many advantages to communicating online, such as the ability to archive discussions. Think of how many times you have attended meetings where the same issues are raised. This is less likely, when all employees have access to a reference point online detailing the discussion. Communicating online is a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary meetings and become generally more efficient. With email, online chat, phone and video conferencing, there’s so many options to communicate virtually.

2. Your staff can be based anywhere

This is an advantage as it also allows you to hire staff located anywhere in the world that works for you. You won’t be restricted by your location, you will be free to hire the most qualified, motivated and relevant staff. If you do end up with a global workforce, you can take advantage of further business opportunities by working in different time zones and with different languages. You may end up with a business that functions all round the clock. Not only that, with staff around the world, you will get much better insight into business markets and competitors in other countries.

3. Your staff will be more content

Your staff will be more motivated and content working for your company. There may even be improved job retention. For employees, the main advantages are no longer needing to commute, flexible hours and the ability to move homes and still retain their jobs. Not everyone works to their full potential during the office hours of 9-5pm, this lets employees suit themselves.

4. Money saved can be invested

Most companies utilising a distributed workforce have lower overheads. You will save money by not having to fund office space, energy bills for the office and office supplies. This money can be further invested to aid the business. You could spend the savings on advertising or more staff!

Here at JH Virtual Assistant, we understand the advantages, difficulties and obstacles with working virtually. If this is something you are looking to do, please feel free to contact us for some advice. Hiring one of our Virtual Assistants will give you a good insight into working remotely from a team member.