So, you’ve made the leap into your new career as a Life Coach, full of enthusiasm and excitement for your new life – doing something that you love and helping others. After some time, you gain a decent client base, which likely feels great but also comes with some challenges. You have less time to book in clients, manage finances and develop your Life Coaching business into the new areas that you’ve had on your mind. You have the skills to develop your business but your time is finite. This is where a virtual assistant can help.

What are virtual assistants and how can they help life coaches?

In short, a virtual assistant is an individual that carries out admin, bookkeeping, social media management and other business related tasks. You can engage them to work for you ad hoc, or for a set number of hours each month without all the obligations of hiring an actual employee (PAYE, payslips, pension contributions, equipment and software). The general idea is that they can save you time, so you can concentrate more on your clients, coaching and strategy, rather than admin.

What tasks can a life coach delegate to a virtual assistant?

When you first start out with your new virtual assistant, often it’s best to slowly delegate the most time consuming admin tasks. These could be answering emails and enquiries, booking in clients, sending invoices, creating social media posts and updating your website. Having these tasks covered will certainly free up some of your time, but would you really be utilising the full potential of your virtual assistant? We want to give you a few ideas to really boost your life coaching business.

Ideas to transform your life coaching business with the help of a virtual assistant

Course Creation and Course Management

If you’re interested in running courses as an addition to your life coaching business, then asking your virtual assistant to help with content creation, image editing, setting up online courses and managing the bookings and intake can be a great help. If they have previous experience with online course platforms, such as Kajabi or Thinkific, then starting your course provider journey will be much easier.

Paid Advertising and PPC Advertising

Your virtual assistant may be experienced in running paid advertising and PPC advertising campaigns. Another stream for enquiries and bookings can help the longevity of your business and make it feel more secure.

Automated Email Sequences and Email Marketing

Do you have an email list? Your virtual assistant can ensure it’s segmented correctly and set up automated email sequences to help slowly build a relationship with your potential clients. Your emails will be sent out at the correct times to match your new course launch, new client intake dates or events related to your business.

Connect Your Business Workflow Using Automation Software Such As Zapier

Finally, our personal favourite when it comes to freeing up time for our clients, setting up business automation software like Zapier. Imagine having your lead management software, client booking system and invoicing system directly connected, so you don’t need to input data multiple times and so that certain tasks are automated. Or, having your lead magnet directly connected to your email marketing software, ensuring different types of leads are tagged correctly and new leads are entered into the correct email welcome sequence. An experienced virtual assistant will be able to look at your current processes and find the best way to streamline things through the use of automation software and connector apps.

What to look for when choosing the best virtual assistant for your life coaching business

Hiring the perfect virtual assistant for your life coaching business can be tricky. Location and availability are primary considerations, as you’ll want your virtual assistant to be in the same (or similar) time zone and to be available at the times during the day when you need them most. Keep in mind that life coaching is the type of business where your virtual assistant will be communicating with people needing help and potentially vulnerable people. Ensure your virtual assistant has the right communication style to match yours. They should be experienced in a range of small business software and preferably have worked as a virtual assistant for other clients previously (even better if they have experience of working with life coaches). To check their professionality, you can ask them about confidentiality, data security and their terms of service. The most experienced virtual assistants will provide you with terms, a contract and information regarding confidentiality.

If you’re looking to grow your business, you may want to hire a more experienced virtual assistant that is confident in automation, marketing, course creation etc. The best place to hire a confident and experienced virtual assistant is from a virtual assistant company or agency. With these, you will also usually have cover in case of absence and the ability to change virtual assistants or add further assistants to your team.

JH Virtual Assistant welcomes all enquiries from life coaches who are looking to hire a UK based virtual assistant with experience working with life coaches and growing their businesses. Email and we will answer all your queries and provide pricing and information.