Have you noticed that some small Property Surveying businesses (sometimes even one-man bands) are managing to carry out a large number of surveys per week? The most likely reason that they’re able to achieve more is that they’ve hired a virtual assistant to help with their admin. It’s something that you could do too, if you want to work with more clients and be more productive, whilst also achieving a better work-life balance. If you hire the right virtual assistant, you will be working with a highly skilled professional that can help you with admin, research and social media, for example.

What tasks can a RICS Property Surveyor delegate to a virtual assistant?

The best way to figure out which tasks to delegate to your virtual assistant is to think about the tasks that you do repeatedly, that are time consuming, but don’t need any special long term training. UK based virtual assistants that work with Property Surveyors often find themselves assisting with emails, admin, online filing, sending out contracts and invoices to clients, following up on enquiries, chasing payments, booking property inspections and carrying out property research.

Stand out more and know more

When you’re busy carrying out property inspections and writing up home surveys and building surveys, it’s understandable that you may have neglected your website, blog or social media platforms. Here’s where you can let your virtual assistant take charge. Many virtual assistants are experienced content writers and social media assistants. They know how to create SEO Google friendly content and the benefits of maintaining a Google Business listing with posts and images. 

It’s also a great idea to allow your virtual assistant to carry out market research on housing prices, population trends, industry changes and other factors that can affect property values and sales. Not only will this keep you up-to-date, but this data can be repurposed into blogs and social media posts. The end result is that your business will be more prominent online and you will appear as the expert in your local area. It’s well known that gaining the trust of potential clients is the first step towards booking a client. This means that your online image is key.

Bill more, earn more and have more free time

The way you work with your Property Surveying Virtual Assistant depends on your business, but very quickly your virtual assistant can be handling a large portion of your administrative tasks leaving you free to book in more clients and bill for more surveys. The monetary profit from billing for more surveys usually far outweighs the cost of hiring a virtual assistant. In addition, if you were struggling to spend time with family and friends (or perhaps struggling to get any time off at all), hiring a virtual assistant can greatly improve your work-life balance.  

How to hire the right virtual assistant for your Property Surveying business

There are so many virtual assistants advertising their services online and it can be daunting when trying to choose the right one. Your best bet is to hire someone that has previous experience of working with a Property Surveyor. They may advertise themselves as a Virtual Assistant for Property Surveyors or as a Virtual Assistant for Property Surveying Businesses. You also may find the right VA within a larger virtual assistant company. Ideally, you want a virtual assistant that’s based in the UK with knowledge of the different levels of RICS surveys and perhaps with experience of software that you use for your reports, such as GoReport. They should also have general experience of working with small businesses and using small business software.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for your Property Surveying business with JH Virtual Assistant

At JH Virtual Assistant, we have virtual assistants that are experienced with working with Property Surveyors and Property Surveying businesses. Our UK based experience spans different parts of the UK meaning that we know the differences in markets, buying processes and reports. So, you can rest assured that you’re hiring a virtual assistant that will make a positive influence on your business.

To speak with us, please call 01383 231 599 or email info@jhvirtualassistant.co.uk We’re not salesy or pushy, and only work with clients where we can provide value.