Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Investing time and effort on digital strategies like Social Media, Blogs and Websites can be a bit overwhelming for different business owners. These are new strategies that cut on cost and are highly convenient for everyone. Especially when you’re used to more traditional types of marketing, like TV, Radio, and ads in Newspapers – many are easily intimidated by this fast-paced kind of marketing. With the overwhelming workload that you have in your business, having the right digital marketing virtual assistant solely dedicated for your digital assets can help you break through and let your company be exposed and introduced on the internet.

JH Virtual Assistant can help you in finding a social media savvy VA to provide assistance on building your digital marketing strategies with ease. From the creation and conceptualisation of blogs and websites, creation of different social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, up to maintaining all of these daily, weekly or monthly.

Our virtual assistants can help you sky rocket your brand on the world wide web and with the right digital marketing VA, blogs, social media websites and webpages can now be updated every day and keep your digital strategies up to date. You both can collaborate on the newest and freshest ideas for quality content to help you be on top of search engines and help you in research on looking for related articles and pages to add to your strategies. We can also assist you in creating unique blog posts, come up with creative new posts for Facebook, link related articles for twitter, and add captions and text for Instagram, whilst updating and scheduling posts every day.

With your digital marketing Virtual Assistant’s experience, we can also come up in suggesting new tools and new websites to check out for inspiration.
In Digital Marketing, people always come first, so creating a strong relationship with your customers and potential clients can also be a great help for you in growing your business. VAs can help you build rapport and communicate with your customers and potential buyers. Not only will feedback and comments show that your blog/ site or accounts are credible because there is interaction, these customers will trust your brand. They can also help you with answering customer queries on products and services. They can answer hundreds of comments and messages from fans on your social media accounts. We can also help you in the emailing of your newest products and discounts to your ever-loyal customers through mailing lists that we can set up for you as well.

The team is ready to come up with the latest trends and help you bring your company forward with our social media savvy, digital marketing Virtual Assistants. Get in touch with us to discuss more about your requirements today!

Our Services

Market Research
Don’t underestimate the importance of Market Research. We will help you define and fully understand your target market, so we can advertise directly to them. No more wasting time and money on leads that are not suited to your business.

Social Media Marketing
We will research your business and perfect clients in order to write engaging, professional social media posts that match your business style. Save time, grow your followers, provide useful content to your fans and show the world how great your business is.

Blog & Content Writing
In order to help the SEO for your business website, it’s important to have a blog or news section that’s regularly updated. We will write content that’s engaging, professional and “speaks” to your audience.

Landing Page Design
We will design beautiful landing pages that don’t just look good but also work psychologically to capture leads and generate more business. Our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t will save you time and effort.

Email Marketing
Sometimes, it takes time to convert a new potential customer or to recapture a previous customer. We can design long-term email marketing campaigns using proven strategies. Your customers will get to know your business, your services and WANT to engage with you.