Legal Audio Transcription Service UK

JH Virtual Assistant provides Legal Audio Transcription Service for Solicitors, Police, Court Proceedings, Judges, Attorneys and Court Clerks. Being conscious of the knowledge required, we only hire audio typists who have experience in a range of legal areas including Matrimonial, Divorce, Domestic and Commercial Conveyancing, Litigation, Children, Local Authority, Arbitration, Employment, Personal Injury, Social Housing, Immigration and Debt Collection.

You can rest assured that your submissions will be kept confidential and will be handled securely. We understand that traditionally legal audio transcription is carried out in-house due to confidentiality issues. However, with modern online security techniques and our secure procedures, you could be saving money by outsourcing your legal audio transcription to JH Virtual Assistant. By no longer hiring a full time audio typist and only using our legal audio transcription service as and when needed, you should save both time and money.

Legal Audio Transcription Service UK:

  • Divorce Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Employment Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Conveyancing Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Claims Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Family Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Immigration Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Dictation Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Courtroom Legal Audio Transcription service
  • Witness Legal Audio Transcription Service

Prices start from £1.80 per audio minute for simple projects with good quality audio.

We can only accept digital audio files.

Our basic pricing structure for our Legal Audio Transcription Service:

Prices per audio minute

Service 3-5 days 48-72 hours 24-48 hours
Audio transcription (1 voice) £1.80 £2.00 £2.20
Audio transcription (2 voices) £2.20 £2.40 £2.60
Audio transcription (3-4 voices) £2.60 £2.80 £3.00
Audio transcription (5-6 voices) £2.80 £3.00 £3.20

Please note the above prices are subject to the following: –

–     All turnaround times are subject to availability.
–     If time codes are required, add an extra £0.20 to the prices above.
–     Prices are only relevant where the audio is clear.  We will advise you as soon as possible if we need to make additional charges due to poor recordings and difficulty of transcription.
–     Shorter turnaround times are possible but are subject to availability and extra charges.
–     Please note there is a minimum charge of £5.00 for audio files that are short.
–     Turnaround times do not include weekends, however this can be arranged at our discretion.
–      Invoices will be sent upon instruction. Once work is completed, you will be notified that payment is due and we will send the final, editable document upon payment.
–      If errors are made by JH Virtual Assistant they will be amended free of charge provided the work is returned to us within 24 hours of the client receiving it. Extra amendments or additions made by the client will be charged at £15.00 per hour.
–     All work is transcribed in intelligent verbatim unless otherwise agreed. If verbatim is required, then an extra £0.10 per audio minute will be charged.

Please provide the following information in an email to and we will respond promptly with a quote. We can usually give you a quote the same day and often within a few hours.

– length of the audio
– indication of quality of recording
– number of speakers
– nationalities and accents of the speakers
– subject of the audio data
– deadline for the transcription
– details of any templates or formatting required
– any other information that you think may be useful