Tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant, plus the benefits of doing so!

Tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant, plus the benefits of doing so!

Heard about a virtual assistant? Not sure how these virtual assistant services could be beneficial to your business? Well you may be surprised by just how much a VA could do for you.

Rather than simply being responsible for keeping on top of your calendar, or making sure you reply to emails and letters, these professional people can be a huge benefit to your business.

Here are some of the tasks that you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant.


A Virtual Assistant can be an amazing helping hand when it comes to bookkeeping. We are not talking about taking on the role of an accountant, more helping out with outstanding invoices or any unpaid bills. This is why it is worthwhile allowing a VA to gain access to your bookkeeping systems.

Entry onto a database

Have you recently been to a conference or networking event? Picked up a lot of new business cards that you need to pop into a database ready to contact them? This type of task can take time away from you running your business, and is perfect for a VA to do instead.

Managing email

Your email inbox can become a bit of a bog at times, drawing you in and wasting your time. This is where a virtual assistant can help you. Give them access to your email inbox and ask them to filter through the most important emails in there. You could also ask them to respond to some of the most time critical. Even if it is just to say that you will be in touch.

It is important that your VA understands what you expect from your email management, and the type of responses you expect them to send.

Travel research and booking

Know that you have an important trip coming up, but simply don’t have time to book everything? Why not ask your VA to take this task off of your hands? From mapping out your itineraries, booking your flights and finding the best hotels. All of these things can be done for you, and you can concentrate on preparing yourself for this all important trip.


One of the most common tasks that a Virtual Assistant that will take on is scheduling. With so many calendars now becoming online and remote, it is easy for a virtual assistant to manage your scheduling. This includes booking appointments and helping to plan events.

Keeping an eye on the knowledge prep

Any business needs to know about the industry they are in to grow, but there might not always be time to keep on track of everything that is going on. Why not ask a VA to keep on top of all the industry news? This could not only be great to keep you aware of the goings on, but even prove useful for your Twitter feed and Facebook feeds.

Manage your social media

Talking about your social media, a virtual assistant can also be incredibly useful for your social media management too. Ask them to create their own posts and send them through to you for your approval. They can then be responsible for posting online and responding to any comments or interactions.

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