A virtual assistant can save your business money

A virtual assistant can save your business money

At a first glance, the rates that businesses pay to Virtual Assistants may seem high. However, not everyone considers the hidden costs of employing a permanent member of staff and the true benefits of having someone handle your admin.

Here are our top 5 ways that a Virtual Assistant can save your business money:

1. You only pay for the hours that a Virtual Assistant actually works. This is not always the case for an employee who may be paid when they are sick, socialising with office colleagues or during the slow business periods.

2. A Virtual Assistant provides their own office, equipment, stationery and software. This is a great saving and you won’t have to worry about equipment malfunctions, software updates and keeping a note of what’s in the stationery cupboard.

3. An employee’s hourly rate may appear lower than a Virtual Assistant’s. However, additional costs that should be added to the employee’s hourly rate include sick pay, holiday pay, taxes, office costs and benefits. A Virtual Assistant covers their own expenses. Taking everything into account, the employee’s actual hourly pay would be higher than they Virtual Assistant’s

4. Virtual Assistant’s are experienced in high-level administration and business support. They are likely to require little or no training and can be up and running with your business processes in a very short time. They can even provide you with suggestions to streamline your business processes and make them more efficient. A more efficient business is often a more profitable business.

5. Paying a VA to do tasks that would otherwise consume your valuable time is probably the biggest cost saving. You can concentrate on your business, whilst the VA completes your administrative tasks. They may even be able to complete the tasks quicker than you can, saving you even more money!

Our packages are designed to give businesses the chance to try out our services over a 4 week period. This gives businesses the chance to trial our services and find out for themselves how hiring a Virtual Assistant can be beneficial.